In order for the shipment process to be as efficient as possible, it is necessary to consider the strategy of the shipment process.

Supply chain experts

Getting from point A to point B is anything but a straight line these days. Using the most advanced technology, we’ve perfected our approach to meeting your unique business needs. We integrate all aspects of your supply chain to minimize risk, manage performance, promote collaboration and drive new efficiencies that lower costs.


Empire Brokerage leverages the latest technology in logistics to ensure that every load is properly tracked, picked up, and delivered on time. Know where your shipments are at any point in time, where you have lane density, what the cost will be, and more. With our advanced Transportation Management Systems (TMS), you’ll have a better understanding of every component in your chain that can then be optimized.


Cost is a major aspect of any supply chain. Keeping the freight costs lower means higher profitability for the shipper/manufacturer. Empire Brokerage strives to keep freight costs low every day. By building a relationship with Empire Brokerage, we will remove the burden and the overhead related to shipping from your team, saving you time and money... all while delivering each and every load safely, on time.