Transportation Trends 2020.


The development of technique and technology inevitably leads to the transformation of the logistics industry. Some transport companies are already implementing digitization and automation processes and there has been a significant increase in e-commerce business. By considering transport and logistics trends, we will have a better insight into the entire market and be better prepared to meet the future of the transport sector. In this text, we will look at its most important trends.

Digitization for supply chain optimization

Based on internal and public platforms, a large amount of information is obtained, both in all and also in the transport sector. Digitization allows us not only to collect a large amount of data, but also the possibility of their rapid analysis. This provides us with a good basis in order to use all this relevant information to make the fastest and highest quality decisions and solutions at a any given time. 

Digitization allows us to track shipments in detail through management platforms. Efficient algorithms analyze the collected data and offer real-time performance visibility. They also facilitate quick and efficient eventual intervention in case of an unforeseen situation.

We must not forget that new technologies are flexible and constantly updated. They should be followed step by step. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in continuous staff training, in order to be able to monitor rapid changes in logistics and transport and adapt the company’s business to them. 


Investing in IT development within the company

Investing and introducing modern technologies in the company is extremely important, but it is not enough. First of all, it is necessary to use their maximum in the right way and completely, also to eliminate the resistance of the staff to changes. Otherwise, the development of the company is decelerated. 

It is necessary to invest in the development of informatics, to form IT departments, which will gradually take over the central role in logistics and transport companies. Only then is a real change in the business model possible, and that business model will lead to the company’s competitiveness on the market.

Precisely for this reason, the investment and development of IT within the company must not be a negligible transport trend in 2020.

Video data

In this and in the coming years, we expect further development of video data analysis. Video is used in the transportation industry in a variety of ways, from driver safety and cargo control, to protecting the company’s fleet. 

Artificial intelligence

One important transport trend in 2020. is undoubtedly the implementation of artificial intelligence in the company’s business. 

It is already used in the transport industry, and will be used more and more. Companies that keep pace with advanced technology will have a significant advantage over the competition, thus increasing their competitiveness these companies increase chances for faster growth and progress.

Road safety supervision

Purchase of adequate tools for monitoring road safety is of great importance, especially due to the traffic growth as a consequence of e-commerce.


The work of storage staff is very demanding and often exposed to accidents. In order to reduce this to a minimum and to ensure greater safety at work, it is necessary to invest in automation, as one of the transport trends in 2020. Robots are highly efficient and most companies have already introduced robotics in their warehouses. This by no means implies the replacement of the human factor, but only the mutual close cooperation of man and machine. Using automation, staff support the operation of the machines, which reduces human high-risk intervention. 

Electric vehicles

Currently, there is a small percentage of electric cars in traffic, but this will change in the coming years. This is due to the fact that both public and private organizations strive for sustainable development. 

Data related to the vehicle fleet are monitored, such as: consumption of kilowatt-hours, location of charging stations, charging time, etc.


5G wireless data transfer


The amount and speed of data transfer over mobile networks will drastically increase. This will very much impact the creation of a better infrastructure, which will take existing intelligent vehicles to a new level, from improving video and sensors to better real-time data analysis. 


All these transport trends will play a key role in the development of companies in the coming years and thus deserve all our attention.


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