Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport

The refrigerator is a commercial vehicle equipped with an isothermal rear crate. It is used for the transport and distribution of perishable food products (fresh or frozen), therefore these kind of products must remain unchanged throughout the whole journey. 


Refrigerated trucks are mainly used for the distribution of products intended for supermarkets and shopping malls. In some cases, they can also be used to transport some chemicals that, like food, have the characteristic of maintaining a low temperature.

The type of product being transported also determines the required temperature that needs to be maintained. The transport of food products must be performed by using appropriate means of transport that fulfill  specific technical requirements. These criteria for the transport of these sensitive products are determined and regulated by the legislation specially formed for that sector, which defines the technical characteristics that vehicles must possess for this type of use.

Quality and prescribed temperature maintenance is of crucial importance for the quality of the product, and thus, it indirectly has an impact on the health of consumers. Therefore this type of transport is an extremely delicate job.

"Empire Brokerage Inc" is a company that you can completely trust when it comes to transporting your goods by refrigerator!
Our drivers drive exceptional refrigerators, which guarantee full compatibility with the cold chain and with constantly low prescribed temperatures.

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