Open Top Transport

Open Top Transport

Open box trucks are ideal vehicles for transporting heavy loads and objects that can stand outdoors. The boxes are fixed, with the sides separated into four or five compartments that make it easier to open and load the goods. The hips themselves can be removed.

Most models of these road vehicles have hooks for tying and securing loads with the help of ropes or straps.


Open trucks are a good solution for transporting large, voluminas loads, such as trunks, spools or sewer pipes. Our trucks are specially equipped with special attachment wheels, so your load is secured. 

Of additional gear, there are side boards or poles, which are intended for better stabilization of the load, and there are also canvas sheets, so you don’t have to worry about rain problems.

With these trucks You can easily transport the container.

We adjust the size and load capacity of the truck compared to the load. In this way, we ensure that Your cargo arrives safely at its destination. 

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