Dry Van Transport

Dry Van Transport

Road transport is extremely adjustable and flexible, and with urgent and regular delivery it satisfies the special needs of each customer.

The transport of your goods will be perfectly managed remotely, if you rely on a company with many years of experience in that sector.  Empire Brokerage Inc has a mission to guarantee the accuracy of the scheduled delivery at the agreed time, by virtue of careful route planning to be covered and the choice of reliable and customized vehicles.

Road transport is most often used, because, above all, there are various types of vehicles. There are long-distance trucks and vans used between local warehouses. These are actually means of transport that cross cities every day and reach remote locations in order to deliver goods on time. The Dry Van delivery is one of the most popular modes of freight transport available. 

They are attached to semi-trailers and are used mainly for transporting large quantities of cargo.

Their very name indicates that they keep goods and products “dry” and protected from external influences (weather conditions, landslides on the road, etc.)

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